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March 13, 2018


Mediocrity - Influential Women

Read stories of amazing influential women who have overcome adversity to create lives of significance and are inspiring others to do the same. Read the story of how Rahab's Daughters came to be in existence. An amazing collaboration of DPWN.

Overcoming Mediocrity is a project, developed by Christie Ruffino and the Dynamic Professional Women’s Network, Inc., intended to provide women with a platform to share their stories of encouragement, inspiration and prosperity. This sixth book in the series is a unique collection of stories from influential women who have overcome great odds to create their own lives of significance. These stories are aimed to inspire and encourage women to realize their true potential.

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September 1, 2012

Best Practices in Successful Business: a collection of tutorials

This essential handbook provides practical and trusted guidance for companies of all sizes. Compiled from 17 experienced practitioners, subject matters experts and academics, it is divided into 3 core themes covering 23 best practices:
1) Best Practices in Launching and Sustaining your business
2) Best Practices to achieve Competitive Advantage
3) Best Practices in the Talent Assets of your business
The best practices cover critical aspects of business, such as: leadership, talent development, sales and marketing, customer service and product, service and process innovation.

The end result of this exciting journey is a uniquely broad array of insights, based on many backgrounds and even more years of combined experience. We are very excited to present this book and we are convinced that it will appeal to a broad audience, in all stages of business management from business students to experienced managers.

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 Coming late Fall  2020

Inhumanity Destroyed - 31 Day Devotional to Fight Human Trafficking

A 31 Day devotional to Fight Human Trafficking. 

With Stories of survivors woven in the devotional helps those who want to take a stand against Human Trafficking in prayer and the ability to see what God's word says in the issue

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