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Sri Lankan by ethnic origin, British by birth, I've lived between North America and Europe for the last 21 years. I’m a survivor of Human Trafficking, part of my journey to healing from this atrocity was acquiring faith in Jesus Christ and a passion to do something about this issue.


I first fought Human Trafficking with Pro Nino where we reduced the rate of child trafficking by 49% in 13 Spanish speaking countries in the early 2000s. This led me to founding Rahab's Daughters a nonprofit that fights to prevent, rescue, and rehabilitate survivors of trafficking.  I serve alongside my husband of 21 years and daughter to prevent trafficking; as well as rescue and rehabilitation. I lead over 200 volunteers and employees across 6 states. 

Today, as well as leading my nonprofit, I work in the high tech world of digital transformation for Veriday, a software & professional services company. I serve enterprise organizations with the help of an amazing team. I am blessed to have the support & freedom to balance my faith, family, vocation, and passion.


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